Animal Planet - hot programs

The Zoo(S5):A New Reality

2023.01.06(fri) 09:00PM

  The zoo’s medical team must perform critical surgery on a bison calf born with a bowed leg.


My Cat From Hell(S9):Fluffy’s Last Stand

2023.01.05(thur) 09:00PM

  A mother and daughter are being torn apart by their cat, Missy, who's determined to kill their other cat Fluffy. Jackson meets a naughty tortie named Candy.


The Leopardess(S1):Sudden Death

2023.01.04(wed) 08:00PM

For days, the Leopardess is almost invisible, but then strikes out of nowhere to claim her tribute.


Magic Moments: The Spell Of Nature(S1)

2023.01.03(tue) 08:00PM

Whether it’s night or day, the northern or southern hemisphere, irrespective of the season or the precise location.


Gangs Of Lemur Island(S1):The Berenty Dynasty

2023.01.02(mon) 08:00PM

The ring-tailed lemurs are in turmoil. The troops rushed to feast on the short food bounty that followed early rains — but the dry heat has returned.


Wild Africa: Rivers Of Life(S1):Hoanib The Dry ...

2023.01.01(sun) 07:00PM

We'll see where the river is born, how it gathers its strength, and explore the relationship between the river and the people and animals that inhabit its banks.


Nature’s Greatest Talents(S1):The Art of ...

2022.12.28(wed) 08:00PM

  Whether it's an enticing look, a sexy move or an explicit signal, in the animal world, every species has its own flirtatious code to find the right mate.


Red Panda – The World’s Cutest ...

2022.12.27(tue) 08:00PM

  In the shadows of the jagged Himalayas a misty and mysterious kingdom hides a little-known world.


Weird, Wild And Wonderful(S1):Weird, Wild And ...

2022.12.26(mon) 08:00PM

  In WEIRD, WILD & WONDERFUL we travel through Africa to explore and explain why the natural world looks the way it does.


Gangs Of Lemur Island(S1):Risk And Reward

2022.12.25(sun) 08:00PM

  After the long hard drought, the arrival of the first rains are a huge relief for the ring-tailed lemur gangs in Madagascar.


Plants Behaving Badly(S1):Murder And Mayhem

2022.12.24(sat) 08:00PM

  Recently scientists have shown that many more plants are carnivorous than previously thought.


The Grey And The Red – Secrets Of ...

2022.12.23(fri) 08:00PM

  Everybody loves squirrels, and yet we only know them from their brief visits to ground level.


Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters(S1):Jurassic River ...

2022.12.22(thur) 10:00PM

  Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, travels to Alaska to discover what has happened to the king salmon – the power athletes of the salmon world.


Legends Of The Wild(S1):The Shadow Killer

2022.12.21(wed) 10:00PM

  Kangaroos are being mauled in Victoria, Australia. The wounds mimic those seen by lions, tigers and cougars in other parts of the world.


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet(S6):Frenchie With A ...

2022.12.20(tue) 10:00PM

  Coco the Frenchie needs Dr. Jeff's help to remove a large lump from her face. Vet tech Christine faces her fear of birds while helping pigeons.