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My Cat From Hell(S9):Lucifer The Cat

2021.03.14(sun) 10:00PM

  Jackson's in Jersey to help a single mom whose cat, Pickles, is terrifying her kids. The Cat Daddy works with Lucifer, a cat whose devilish food obsession might kill him.


Wild Africa: Rivers Of Life(S1):Hoanib The Dry ...

2021.03.13(sat) 08:00PM

We'll see where the river is born, how it gathers its strength, and explore the relationship between the river and the people and animals that inhabit its banks.


Birth Of Speed

2021.03.12(fri) 08:00PM

  Mountains, rocks and steep cliffs, no place for a predator relying on their speed. But that's exactly where we find our two magnificent Cheetah mothers.


Desert Kings

2021.03.11(thur) 08:00PM

  In the dry Green Kalahari winter, we meet an unusual large pride of Lions. With 4 subadult males, growing stronger every day, this group is on edge.


Big Cat Tales(S1):Faces From The Shadows

2021.03.10(wed) 08:00PM

  The Marsh Pride are missing and must be found. A rare coalition of 5 male cheetahs has arrived. Bahati attempts to hunt topi before a huge crocodile intervenes.


Big Cat Tales(S1):Battle On The Plains

2021.03.09(tue) 08:00PM

  The Marsh lionesses hunt an injured buffalo while Malaika meets her match in a battle with a large male impala.


Legends Of The Wild(S1):Blood Beach

2021.03.08(mon) 10:00PM

  Hundreds of endangered Ridley Sea Turtles are turning up dead and half eaten along the beach in Costa Rica during the monthly Arribata.


How Do Animals Do That?(S1):Elephant Noses And ...

2021.03.07(sun) 09:30PM

  How did the blue whale become the biggest animal ever? Why do elephants have trunks? Why do ladybugs have spots? Why do some animals live so long? And, why do cats purr?


Wild Africa: Rivers Of Life(S1):Episode 1

2021.03.06(sat) 08:00PM

Life in the Limpopo River Basin is a constant struggle for survival.


How Do Animals Do That?(S1):Levitating Lizards And ...

2021.03.05(fri) 09:00PM

  How can a lizard literally walk on water? How do hippos speed through water if they can't actually swim? Can jellyfish live forever? And, how do bees find nectar?


White Lions: Born Wild(S1):Episode 1

2021.03.04(thur) 08:00PM

  This is the story of two remarkable – and extremely rare – wild white lion cubs on their journey to adulthood.


Big Cat Tales(S1):Danger In The Long Grass

2021.03.03(wed) 08:00PM

  Malaika's persistence to nourish her young leads her to a dramatic wildebeest pursuit. Bahati reveals her cubs as Jonathan has his first sighting.


Big Cat Tales(S1):Rebirth In The Mara

2021.03.02(tue) 08:00PM

  The Marsh Pride have welcomed new cubs which they must protect from the encroaching buffalo herd. Malaika the cheetah is on the hunt to provide for her young.


Legends Of The Wild(S1):South American Slasher

2021.03.01(mon) 10:00PM

There's a wide range of animal suspects from jaguars to caimans, but could the killer be something no one suspected?


White Lions: Born Wild(S1):Episode 2

2021.02.28(sun) 08:05PM

This is the story of two remarkable – and extremely rare – wild white lion cubs on their journey to adulthood.