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Mysterious Creatures With Forrest Galante(S1):It ...

2023.01.21(sat) 08:00PM

  Forrest is in Mozambique to track down a bull elephant that has been destroying local villages.


The Zoo(S5):Cubs In Queens

2023.01.20(fri) 09:00PM

A red-crested turaco chick fledges the nest, and a pair of puma cubs travel to their new home at the Queens Zoo.


My Cat From Hell(S9):Pee Battle

2023.01.19(thur) 09:00PM

Jackson deals with a mother daughter duo whose lovable cats are having a terriential pissing match that's destroying not only their furniture but also their relationship.


Wildest Islands Of Indonesia(S1):Islands Of The ...

2023.01.18(wed) 08:00PM

  Cloaked in tropical rainforest and warmed by clear blue seas Indonesia is a paradise for a unique range of species.


Return To Shark Vortex

2023.01.17(tue) 08:00PM

  As the Shark Vortex retreats in the fall, sharks battle it out for dominance in New England's icy waters.


Jawai: India’s Leopard Hills

2023.01.16(mon) 08:00PM

  Jawai village is in the Pali district of Rajasthan. Mainly desert, the village is situated near the Jawai dam, which makes it a paradise for the wildlife enthusiast!


Circus Of The Wild

2023.01.15(sun) 10:00PM

  They bring us joy, they make us laugh. The world is their stage. Barbary macaques are up to mischief in Gibraltar, pickpocketing unwary tourists at lightning speed.


Extinct Or Alive: Land Of The Lost Sharks

2023.01.14(sat) 08:00PM

  Wildlife biologist and conservationist Forrest Galante dives into some of the most treacherous, shark-infested waters in the southern hemisphere.


The Zoo(S5):The Elephant Next Door

2023.01.13(fri) 09:00PM

The zoo staff work to build a relationship between a pair of Asian elephants with very different personalities.


My Cat From Hell(S9):My Pup From Hell

2023.01.12(thur) 09:00PM

Jackson works with Sydney, a Bengal, who's welcoming his new stepmom and new pitbull brother into the family by spraying every piece of furniture in the house.


The Waterworld Of Komodo(S1):Great Seafarers And ...

2023.01.11(wed) 09:00PM

  The Waterworld of Komodo' takes the you on an extraordinary voyage to one of the most beautiful places on earth.


World’s Most Toxic Animals(S1):Episode 2

2023.01.10(tue) 09:00PM

  For millions of years, animals across the globe have been locked in an evolutionary arms race of the toxic kind.


Wild Dynasties(S1):Gangs

2023.01.09(mon) 09:00PM

Surviving out in the wild is a dangerous affair, but having a strong gang makes it much easier.


World Of Oceans(S1):Shelter

2023.01.08(sun) 09:30PM

  Animals depend on more than just food for survival; Like us, they need shelter to protect themselvs and their young.


World Of Oceans(S1):Family

2023.01.07(sat) 09:30PM

  In this watery world, many creatures rely on size, speed, and strength to survive. But some have evolved another trait, perhaps the most powerful one of them all, family.