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Dodo Heroes(S2):Sam And Mel’s Fight For ...

2019.09.02(mon) 09:00PM

Follow inspiring stories of the bond between human and animals. More heroes from around the world are featured going to unimaginable lengths to help protect animals.


Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers(S1):The ...

2019.09.01(sun) 09:00PM

The Mighty Mississippi is threatened on several fronts – from alien invaders pushing out iconic native fish, to vast blooms of green algae strangling life from the river.


Tanked(S8):Gangster Tank

2019.06.30(sun) 09:00PM

  The Mob Museum makes Wayde and Brett an offer they can't refuse! They want a tank with replica sunken rumrunner for their exhibit and speakeasy in downtown Las Vegas. 


Crikey! It’s The Irwins(S1):Bindi & The ...

2019.06.29(sat) 09:00PM

  Wes and Robert remove eggs from the nest of saltwater crocs Terra and Bosco, in a nerve-wracking but necessary venture.


North Woods Law(S6):Midsummer Mayhem

2019.06.28(fri) 09:00PM

  Officer Holmes and Trainee Frye respond to an ATV accident in which a man's head has been run over. Officer McKee helps relocate a rare rattlesnake.


SouthePit Bulls & Parolees(S10):rn Dogs In ...

2019.06.27(thur) 09:00PM

  Villalobos is invited to participate in Dog Bowl, creating a chance for a handful of dogs to steal the spotlight. M2 helps a neglected dog left in horrible conditions.


Storage Wars: Miami

2019.06.26(wed) 08:05PM

  Despite a detour, Kevin grabs a locker with a lot of bite, while Greg and Lindsey have their eyes on appliances. When Christian takes a gamble, Yorgen takes a fall.


Hanging With The Hendersons(S1):Donkey Dentist

2019.06.25(tue) 09:00PM

  Back at the clinic, Dr. Tony helps an energetic pup with an injured leg and Dr. Ryan performs a delicate surgery.


The Zoo(S3):The Kings Of Queens

2019.06.24(mon) 09:00PM

A trio of new penguin chicks are introduced to the pool for their first swim. Family dynamics change when the mandrill monkey troop welcomes a new baby.


Tanked(S8):The Amazing Piano Tank

2019.06.23(sun) 09:00PM

Pianoworks in East Rochester, NY wants Wayde and Brett to build them a piano of their own. This one is made out of acrylic and filled with fish of course!


Crikey! It’s The Irwins(S1):Pawing ...

2019.06.22(sat) 09:00PM

  Bindi and the Small Mammal Team help develop a vaccine for Eden the Tasmanian Devil. Robert discovers the true genders of the Zoo's shingleback lizards. 


Rugged Justice(S3):Caught On Camera

2019.06.21(fri) 09:00PM

  Officer Summit serves a warrant to a bear hunter breaking the law, while a fisherman is confronted for snagging salmon in closed waters. 


Pit Bulls & Parolees(S9):Episode 20

2019.06.20(thur) 09:00PM

  A VRC senior dog finally gets the chance to have a forever home when a couple from Idaho comes to New Orleans to find a new family member. 


Animal Cribs(S2):Chinchilla Chill Pad

2019.06.19(wed) 09:00PM

  Antonio and his team design and build an elaborate system of tunnels and towers spanning two rooms for a family and their seven adorable, fluffy chinchillas.


Hanging With The Hendersons(S1):Born To Be Wild

2019.06.18(tue) 09:00PM

  A rescued cat melts hearts with his big hugs. And, the family gathers at their cabin for a little off-road racing in the mud.