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Expedition Mungo(S1):Cold Blooded Pe-ruvian ...

2018.11.22(Thr) 09:00PM

A 150-foot long super snake bigger than a Blue Whale has attacked and killed people in Peru.


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet(S4):Lily’s ...

2018.11.18(Sun) 09:00PM

  Dr. Jeff faces a surgery he's never done to save the life of a family's cherished dog. Dr. Baier treats a class pet with a big personality.


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet(S4):The Heart Of A ...

2018.11.11(Sun) 09:00PM

  Dr. Jeff performs emergency surgery on a pit bull and makes a surprising discovery. Dr. Baier treats a goat kicked by a horse.


The Lost Kingdom Of The Yeti

2018.11.08(Thr) 09:00PM

  Mark Evans proposed a theory that the Yeti could be a folk memory of encounters with ancient, now extinct humans called Denisovans.


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet(S4):Hog Wild

2018.11.04(Sun) 09:00PM

  When a puppy is found abandoned with a broken leg, Dr. Jeff is his only hope to walk again.


Monsters Inside Me(S5):The Killer In The Lake

2018.11.01(Thr) 10:50PM

  Disaster befalls three individuals who are suddenly living their worst nightmares. A contractor finds himself fighting for his life with something in his brain.


The Great Migration(S1):Episode 2

2018.10.29(Mon) 07:10PM

  As Ben journeys through the Serengeti, the rains finally arrive. He meets up with wildebeest expert Dr Grant Hopcraft to find out where the herds are moving.


Monsters Inside Me(S4):I Almost Killed My Baby

2018.10.25(Thr) 10:50PM

  Three deadly illnesses darken the futures of three young boys.


Monsters Inside Me(S4):Episode 2

2018.10.22(Mon) 10:50PM

  Three mothers, each with a child to love; each on the brink of losing them. 


Intruders(S1):The Walls Have Eyes

2018.10.18(Thr) 09:00PM

  In Texas, a beautiful but deadly predator is targeting a family's beloved pets. In Kansas City, a single mother is hit by a series of horrifying animal invasions.


Monsters Inside Me(S4):Episode 2

1970.01.01(Thr) 12:00AM

  Parasites are organisms, living on another species, serving as hosts to gain nutrients. Failing to incorrectly diagnosing can wreak havoc and sometimes cause death


Intruders(S1):Suburban Assault

2018.10.11(Thr) 09:00PM

  In Texas, a family battles for its home after their son finds a venomous snake in the toilet. Meanwhile, in Florida, a mystery predator targets a family's livestock.


Monsters Inside Me(S3):My Breast Is Exploding!

2018.10.08(Mon) 10:50PM

  A life or death battle between modern medicine and evolution as these patients fight off the Monsters Inside Me.


Ivory Wars(S1):Episode 3

2018.10.04(Thr) 09:00PM

Chris, Maggie and Travis chase a suspected poacher into a nearby village where he vanishes. Travis helps rescue an injured elephant from a snare.


The Vet Life(S2):Dunk-A-Doctor

2018.10.01(Mon) 08:05PM

  Dr. Ross treats baby kangaroos and links up with the owners of a petting zoo to hold a fun event at the clinic to promote animal awareness.