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Legends Of The Wild(S1):Fear In The Philippines

2021.06.03(thur) 10:00PM

  In the jungles of Luzon Province, locals believe a vampire-like evil spirit has begun picking off villagers and livestock, taking them away without a trace.


Massive Africa(S1):Episode 4

2021.06.02(wed) 09:00PM

  A once-in-a-lifetime, action packed adventure through Africa's last untamed, majestic wildernesses.


Wild Central America(S1):Wild Guatemala

2021.06.01(tue) 07:00PM

  Nigel starts his journey in this beautiful and diverse country, at Los Tarrales, a 1300-hectare reserve close to Atitlan Volcano.


Wild Central America(S1):Wild Costa Rica

2021.05.31(mon) 07:00PM

Nigel finds brightly coloured Scarlet Macaws in the lowland forests of the Osa Peninsula.


Coyote Peterson: Brave The Wild(S1):Constricted By ...

2021.05.30(sun) 08:00PM

As night falls on the arid Outback, Coyote and his crew set out in search of the continent's non-venomous snake group, pythons.


Just Animals(S1):Just Hippos And Rhinos

2021.05.29(sat) 10:00PM

JUST HIPPOS AND RHINOS takes an in-depth look at these thick-skinned beasts that were once grouped together as "Pachyderms".


Evan Goes Wild(S1):Sharks And Recreation

2021.05.28(fri) 10:00PM

  Evan heads to the Tahitian Island of Mo'orea to fulfill his lifelong dream of swimming with humpback whales.


Lost Kings Of Bioko

2021.05.27(thur) 08:00PM

  Off the coast of Central Africa lies an isolated island, covered by primeval rainforest and surrounded by dark ocean waters.


Big Cat Tales(S1):Survivors Of The Savanna

2021.05.26(wed) 08:00PM

  Rob puts his beloved K-9 partner to the test to ensure he's still up to the job, while Officer Chris tackles the start of fishing season on the Kenai.


Big Cat Tales(S1):Faces From The Shadows

2021.05.25(tue) 08:00PM

  The Marsh Pride are missing and must be found. A rare coalition of 5 male cheetahs has arrived. Bahati attempts to hunt topi before a huge crocodile intervenes.


Just Animals(S1):Just Bears

2021.05.24(mon) 09:00PM

  JUST BEARS explores their world, getting up close and personal with the eight fascinating species that make up this group.


Just Animals(S1):Just Birds

2021.05.23(sun) 10:00PM

  JUST BIRDS explores the details of their fascinating lives, from the moment they hatch to their first airborne adventure and beyond.


Just Animals(S1):Just Kangaroos

2021.05.22(sat) 10:00PM

  JUST KANGAROOS delves into the lives of these unusual marsupials whose extraordinary looks and incredible agility have captivated the world for centuries.


Big Cats Of The Serengeti

2021.05.21(fri) 08:00PM

  The story of a lion and cheetah family who struggle to survive from climate change in the Serengeti. Two lions are born in the scorched dry season.


Birth Of Speed

2021.05.20(thur) 08:00PM

Mountains, rocks and steep cliffs, no place for a predator relying on their speed. But that's exactly where we find our two magnificent Cheetah mothers.