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Monsters Inside Me(S4):Episode 2

2019.02.25(Mon) 10:50PM

  Parasites are organisms, living on another species, serving as hosts to gain nutrients. Failing to incorrectly diagnosing can wreak havoc and sometimes cause death 


Monsters Inside Me(S3):My Breast Is Exploding!

2019.02.18(Mon) 10:50PM

A life or death battle between modern medicine and evolution as these patients fight off the Monsters Inside Me.


Monsters Inside Me(S3):My Face Eating Parasite

2019.02.13(Wed) 10:50PM

Adam Spencer takes an epic six month trip across South America but returns home with an unwanted monster… a mysterious infection that is devouring his face.


My Cat From Hell(S9):Lucifer The Cat

2019.02.03(Sun) 10:50PM

  Jackson's in Jersey to help a single mom whose cat, Pickles, is terrifying her kids. The Cat Daddy works with Lucifer, a cat whose devilish food obsession might kill him.


Monsters Inside Me(S1):Hijackers

2019.01.24(Thr) 10:50PM

  A parasite invades a child in Virginia; a parasite infiltrates a traveler's blood; a boy's brain is attacked by parasites after he spends a day at a Florida lake. 


Bahama Blue(S1):Episode 2

2019.01.22(Tue) 07:10PM

  The caves and blue holes of the Bahamas house spectacular geological formations. The species that reside in their watery depths are biological anomalies.


Bahama Blue(S1):Episode 1

2019.01.21(Mon) 07:10PM

  The Mangroves are nurseries for the marine life of the Bahamas.  More than 90% of the species of the Bahamas spend some part of their lives here.


My Cat From Hell(S9):My Pup From Hell

2019.01.19(Sat) 10:50PM

  Jackson works with Sydney, a Bengal, who's welcoming his new stepmom and new pitbull brother into the family by spraying every piece of furniture in the house.


Wildest Survival(S1):Social Animals

2019.01.08(Tue) 07:10PM

  Examining   nature’s   most   sociable   animals, unveiling   the   surprising   and   incredible behaviours that have evolved in response to cohabitation.


Mountain Monsters(S2):Scariest Mo-ments

2019.01.03(Thr) 10:50PM

The AIMS team revisits the most terrifying moments from their epic investigations. Highlights include the Hellhound, Cherokee Death Cat and more.



2018.12.30(Sun) 07:15PM

  Round 4 of auditions brings more fun and surprises! Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and host Tyra Banks continue to be wowed by incredible and bizarre acts.


Dodo Heroes(S1):Derrick’s Elephant Challenge

2018.12.29(Sat) 09:00PM

  Derrick Campana specializes in designing prosthetics and orthotic braces for animals. Derrick will fit Jabu, an elephant with a leg brace for his injuries


Dodo Heroes(S1):Derrick’s Elephant Challenge

2018.12.24(Mon) 09:55PM

Derrick Campana specializes in designing prosthetics and orthotic braces for an-imals. Derrick will fit Jabu, an elephant with a leg brace for his injuries


Cat Vs. Dog(S1):Vampire Cats!

2018.12.19(Wed) 09:55PM

  Jackson and Zoe meet two cats never seen in daytime. To escape the three giant dogs they live with, the cats are living inside cabinets.


Dodo Heroes(S1):Izzy The Koala Whisperer

2018.12.15(Sat) 09:00PM

  Ali Bee, Tim, and Izzy spend their time rescuing and rehabilitating koalas in their home in Australia. Crikey, a baby Koala is now going to be released back.