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Chasing Ocean Giants(S1):Manta Ray Tornado

today 10:00PM

Patrick Dykstra heads to the Maldives determined to dive alongside the giant manta ray. He's hoping to witness the fabled "Manta Ray Tornado".


Tigress Blood

2021.11.26(fri) 08:00PM

  Tigers, generally, are believed to be solitary hunters. However, in the forests of Central India, a gang of four tigresses is turning this notion on its head.


Tanzania’s Best Kept Secret(S1):Tarangire ...

2021.11.25(thur) 10:00PM

  Through Tarangire National Park, in northern Tanzania, flows a river from which its residents benefit all year round.


Animal Arms Race(S1):Plains

2021.11.24(wed) 08:00PM

  From Africa to the Americas, the world's plains are home to some of the biggest concentrations of animals in the world, seemingly easy targets.


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet(S5):Blown Away

2021.11.23(tue) 06:00PM

  Dr. Jeff and his team help a dog lost during a windstorm. And the team head out to help an alligator injured in a fight.


Preposterous Pets(S1):Episode 2

2021.11.22(mon) 06:00PM

  Mayhem, mischief and macaque monkeys are an obsession for one woman and her family.


Big, Small & Deadly(S1):Asiatic Dogs

2021.11.21(sun) 08:00PM

  Dave Salmoni is exploring untamed nature. Big, Small & Deadly presents many of the awe-inspiring animals.


Chasing Ocean Giants(S1):Whale Sharks Of Qatar

2021.11.20(sat) 10:00PM

  Patrick Dykstra travels to Qatar in search of a newly discovered cluster of whale sharks.He is able to examine the mysterious elusive behavior of this species.


Etosha, The Great White Pan

2021.11.19(fri) 08:00PM

  One of the largest and most spectacular national parks in the World.Here the daily battle of life or death is played out between species.


Icons Of The Wild(S1):The Predators Of Africa

2021.11.18(thur) 08:00PM

  As soon as they appeared, about 60 million years ago, carnivores have seen their survival closely linked to that of the herbivores.


Animal Arms Race(S1):Jungles

2021.11.17(wed) 08:00PM

  More animal warriors compete in the world's lush jungles and dense forests than anywhere else on the planet.


Deadly Hunter(S1):Deadly Jaws

2021.11.16(tue) 08:00PM

  The Earth, our planet,is a magnificent and diverse world,filled to the brim with life.But life, in all its forms, cannot exist except within a very specific set of rules.


Preposterous Pets(S1):Episode 1

2021.11.15(mon) 06:00PM

  In the Czech Republic, the Lion Whisperer's cats are reaching maturity and threatening their owner.


The Waterworld Of Komodo(S1):Mysterious Cave And ...

2021.11.14(sun) 10:00PM

  The Waterworld of Komodo' takes the you on an extraordinary voyage to one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Chasing Ocean Giants(S1):From Russia With Bowheads

2021.11.13(sat) 10:00PM

Patrick Dykstra travels to a remote Russian coast in search of the Bowhead whale.He is determined to gather a DNA sample using innovative drone technology.