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Monsters Inside Me(S4):Episode 2

1970.01.01(Thr) 12:00AM

  Parasites are organisms, living on another species, serving as hosts to gain nutrients. Failing to incorrectly diagnosing can wreak havoc and sometimes cause death


Intruders(S1):Suburban Assault

2018.10.11(Thr) 09:00PM

  In Texas, a family battles for its home after their son finds a venomous snake in the toilet. Meanwhile, in Florida, a mystery predator targets a family's livestock.


Monsters Inside Me(S3):My Breast Is Exploding!

2018.10.08(Mon) 10:50PM

  A life or death battle between modern medicine and evolution as these patients fight off the Monsters Inside Me.


Ivory Wars(S1):Episode 3

2018.10.04(Thr) 09:00PM

Chris, Maggie and Travis chase a suspected poacher into a nearby village where he vanishes. Travis helps rescue an injured elephant from a snare.


The Vet Life(S2):Dunk-A-Doctor

2018.10.01(Mon) 08:05PM

  Dr. Ross treats baby kangaroos and links up with the owners of a petting zoo to hold a fun event at the clinic to promote animal awareness.


Ivory Wars(S1):First Steps Forward

2018.09.27(Thr) 09:00PM

  After losing a suspected poacher, Maggie, Travis and Chris begin training local rangers. Going undercover, the chase is on when another potential poacher is spotted.


Vet Gone Wild(S1):Into The Lion’s Den

2018.09.24(Mon) 09:55PM

  Dr. Chris is in South Africa where he does surgery on lionesses, helps de-horn an endangered white rhino to keep the poachers away and replaces the collar on an elephant.


My Extreme Animal Phobia(S1):Episode 4

2018.09.20(Thr) 11:45PM

  Shelly refuses to swim for fear of being eaten by sharks. Kurt cowers in fear when confronted with a bee. Tameeka won’t even enter her own home if she sees a millipede. 


My Extreme Animal Phobia(S1):Episode 3

2018.09.13(Thr) 11:45PM

  A fear of bats prevents Tom from going out at night. Roxanne refuses to enter the bathroom for fear of rats. And Laura has injured herself trying to avoid cockroaches.


Vet Gone Wild(S1):Episode 1

2018.09.10(Mon) 09:55PM

  Dr. Chris Brown heads to Thailand to give medical attention to endangered Asian elephants. He also helps with the release of two gibbons and does surgery on a dog.


Weird Creatures With Nick Baker(S3):Slow Loris

2018.09.06(Thr) 09:00PM

Deep in the Bornean jungle lives the only poisonous primate in the world: it looks like a cuddly toy, but it carries a poison in its bite that can prove fatal.


Super Senses(S2):Navy Seals

2018.09.03(Mon) 09:00PM

My Extreme Animal Phobia(S1):Episode 8

2018.08.30(Thr) 08:05PM

  Dr. Robin Zasio helps Sharon to overcome her fear of crows, seagulls, and pigeons, Neill's  fear of snakes and Deena's fear of grasshoppers.


Extinct Or Alive(S1):The Madagascar Giant

2018.08.28(Tue) 07:10PM

  Madagascar's Pachylemurs were red, furry giants, nearly the size of great apes. Recently discovered remains disprove that they went extinct 1000 years ago


Super Senses(S2):Elite Corps

2018.08.27(Mon) 09:00PM

  Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. These are the basic senses that most animals depend upon. But for some, one sense or another has evolved far beyond the rest.