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48 Hours Mystery (S6) – Hollywood Secrets

2018.03.26(mon) 08:05PM

  Investigate the brutal murder of Juliana Redding, an aspiring actress and model found dead in her Santa Monica home – and whose killer, according to authorities, left behind plenty of DNA evidence.


Crazy Love – Love On The Run, With A Gun

2018.03.25(sun) 09:55PM

Kelsey and bad boy Ben meet after a shared tragedy and seemingly find safe haven in each other's arms. When the reality of their situation sets in, their erratic behavior will leave a bloody trail in its path 


I Love You… But I Lied (S3) – Dirty ...

2018.03.23(fri) 11:45PM

  Longtime friends Cyrus and Ian run a business that coaches men on how to pick up women. But both end up falling for the same girl.


The First 48 (S20) – Deadly Lies / Stay ...

2018.03.19(mon) 10:50PM

  Detective John Brown investigates a case involving a man who is shot and run over by a car in Tulsa; Summer Benton examines a case in which a gunman opens fire outside a club.


My Crazy Ex (S4) – Freaky Males

2018.03.18(sun) 07:10PM

A woman starts dating a bad-boy tattoo artist who claims he is seeking to alter his life. A local weatherman commences dating a fan with ulterior motives. 


My Crazy Sex – All The Wrong Places

2018.03.16(fri) 10:50PM

  A romantic crush climaxes with an unexpected crash. A recent divorcee discovers that grief is nature's greatest aphrodisiac.


I Love You… But I Lied (S1) – Escort ...

2018.03.12(mon) 11:45PM

  Samantha has a secret life. When she discovers her brother-in-law is cheating on her sister, she's faced with the dilemma of revealing her secret in order to protect her sister.


My Crazy Ex (S2) – Seething, Thieving ...

2018.03.11(sun) 10:50PM

  Fix up leads to break up when an industrious couple's remodel demolishes their relationship. A waitress throws the baby out with the bathwater when she discovers her boyfriend's secret.


Partners In Crime (S2) – Sound Evidence

2018.03.09(fri) 09:25PM

  Forensic audio expert Prof Zhang Cuiling shows how voices on a recorded conversation or a threatening phone call can be revealing.


A Brotherhood Of Bandits – A Brotherhood Of ...

2018.03.07(wed) 10:50PM

  In 1994, the notorious Mamak Gang masterminded the audacious theft of 300 kilos of gold bullion from Subang Airport in Malaysia's biggest heist.


Born To Kill? (S4) – John Duffy And David ...

2018.03.05(mon) 09:00PM

  As John Duffy and David Mulcahy, childhood pals, got older, their common interests took a darker turn, resulting in brutal rapes and murders of women in the 1980s.


Partners In Crime (S1) – Voice Of The Dead

2018.03.02(fri) 09:25PM

From identifying body parts to murder disguised as suicide, Taiwan's veteran forensic pathologist unravels these vicious lies.


The Eleven

2018.02.28(wed) 08:05PM

Investigators Lise Olsen and Fred Paige examine the confessions of inmate Edward Harold Bell to check whether he is a serial killer or just an attention-seeking liar.


Deadly Secrets

2018.02.23(fri) 08:05PM

  Piece by piece, we unravel one of Florida's darkest mysteries and uncover the story of a school with a legacy of slavery, racial discrimination, and child abuse for over 100 years.


Mail Order Murder – Arlington’s ...

2018.02.21(wed) 08:05PM

When Mail Order bride Emelita disappears from her home, police are suspicious of husband Jack Reees, especially when he admits that two of his previous wives had mysteriously died.