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The Jars Murderer

2019.10.16(wed) 10:45PM

  After murdering and dismembering his victims, a Hong Kong taxi driver often kept their organs and indulged in necrophilia.


Crazy Love

2019.10.15(tue) 02:25PM

  When 16-year-old Emma meets much older Michael, young love turns into an infatuation that will not be stifled, no matter how steep the cost.


Live PD: Police Patrol

2019.10.14(mon) 08:40PM

  Law enforcement agencies deal with cases involving a gun bust in South Carolina, a drug sting in Arizona and a low-speed chase in Oklahoma.


Murder Made Me Famous

2019.10.13(sun) 10:45PM

Con man Joe Hunt forms an investment club with wealthy young men who trust him with their families' money. The Ponzi scheme leads to murder when Hunt gets involved with Ron Levin, a notorious con man.


The Real SVU

2019.10.12(sat) 07:25PM

  A series that chronicles the cases of real life LAPD Sex Crimes Detective, Ninette Toosbuy. The show provides unique perspectives of many of those involved, Toosbuy and team work tirelessly to get justice.


Ghost Hunters

2019.10.11(fri) 09:55PM

  Engaging forensic experts, historical records and the most innovative technology available, the brand new Ghost Hunters squad help everyday people who are struggling with supernatural phenomena.


O.J.: Guilty In Vegas

2019.10.10(thur) 09:55PM

  Audio tapes, files, psychological assessments, and interviews with judicial officers and detectives divulge new details about footballer O.J. Simpson's conviction for armed robbery.


The Braemar Hill Murders

2019.10.09(wed) 10:45PM

  In April 1985, two western teenagers studying in Hong Kong were set upon by a gang of Chinese youths, who proceeded to torture and stab them to death.


See No Evil

2019.10.08(tue) 07:23PM

  Devoted family man Dr David Cornbleet is brutally killed in his own office. CCTV images of a man, concealing his face with a blood-stained sweatshirt, lead to the killer.


Leah Remini: Scientology & The Aftermath

2019.10.07(mon) 09:55PM

  Leah Remini delves into shocking stories of abuse, heartbreak and harassment experienced by those who have left the church and spoken publicly about their experiences.


Born To Kill?

2019.10.06(sun) 09:05PM

Gerald and Charlene Gallego, two American serial killers, murdered 10 people, mostly teenagers, after treating them as sex slaves. Learn whether they were born to murder.


Escaping Polygamy

2019.10.05(sat) 09:05PM

  Sisters Andrea, Jessica and Shanell unveil never-before-seen moments, and catch up with the people who have escaped polygamy and are now living a life away from the group they bravely left behind.


The Haunting Of

2019.10.04(fri) 09:07PM

  Author Carole Radziwill returns to the Hamptons beach home in New York where she once faced a ghostly presence. Psychic medium Kim Russo helps her.


Secret Life Of A Gang Girl: The Untold Story

2019.10.03(thur) 09:07PM

  Is gang violence being propelled by social media? In this episode, Elizabeth Vargas investigates how and why young gang members' internet feuds are erupting into real-world shootings.


Undercover Asia

2019.10.02(wed) 09:07PM

  Human rights activist Rakesh Senger is on a mission to save girls caught in domestic servitude. The film, 'Maids Enslaved', reveals multiple fronts leading to maid exploitation.