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The First 48 (S18) – M.I.A.

2018.02.16(Fri) 08:05PM

A welder disappears under mysterious circumstances. Tulsa homicide probes the case. Detective Matt Frazier and the rest of the team believe that foul play is involved.


Three Days To Live – Brenna Machus

2018.02.13(Tue) 09:55PM

  The police work relentlessly to find the 20-year-old Brenna Machus after her abduction and the brutal murder of her co-worker shocks the suburban Dearborn.


Your Worst Nightmare – Horror In The ...

2018.02.06(Tue) 11:45PM

  Two teenagers in love go missing from rural Ohio and turn up dead, brutally hacked to bits. The crime tears the small town apart and remains unsolved for 25 years, until the shocking truth comes to light.


The First 48 (S19) – The Case That Haunts ...

2018.01.29(Mon) 09:55PM

  Tony Mullins and Caroline Mason study a case in which an intruder attacks a family in their home; Scott Champagne and John Berrena examine a severed head.


My Crazy Ex (S4) – Scheming, Reaming And ...

2018.01.26(Fri) 09:55PM

  A girl dating a former child star ends up as an unwitting pawn when he decides to try to stage a comeback.


My Crazy Ex (S4) – Crusaders, Invaders And ...

2018.01.19(Fri) 09:55PM

  Take a look at a re-enactment of love stories which start happily and blossom, only to eventually spiral out of control and reach a state where the partners desperately seek to terminate the bond.


Wicked Attraction (S3) – Sex, Lies, And ...

2018.01.17(Wed) 09:00PM

  Catherina Voss is obsessed with sex, men, and spending money she hasn't got. She decides the quickest way to a fast buck is to hire a hit man to kill her latest husband, Navy Ensign Cory Voss.


Cold Case Files

2018.01.16(Tue) 07:10PM

  With the help of modern forensic science, new witnesses and criminal psychology, the cops revisit cold cases in order to try to solve them.


The Eleven (S1) – Paradise Lost

2018.01.11(Thr) 09:55PM

  Investigators Lise Olsen and Fred Paige examine the confessions of inmate Edward Harold Bell to check whether he is a serial killer or just an attention-seeking liar.


KL Enforcers (S1) – The Tip Off

2017.12.17(Sun) 08:05PM

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is tasked to intercept two ships with illegal immigrants on board. Meanwhile the Forensics unit investigates a shooting incident in the neighborhood of Bangsar.


Wicked Attraction (S3) – Dante’s ...

2017.12.16(Sat) 09:00PM

  Masked robbers burst into a bachelor party and open fire on the guests. The mastermind of the robbery is drug dealer Donte Hall who enlisted the help of his girlfriend and identical twin brother.


60 Days In (S1) – Friends Without Benefits

2017.12.15(Fri) 11:45PM

  Zac's strength is tested when he is unexpectedly called to court. Barbra strategically abandons a friendship with Tami in order to survive, and Jeff makes himself a target after a series of mistakes.


Live PD: Police Patrol

2017.12.11(Mon) 11:15PM

  An unfiltered look at police departments in action reveals a fugitive foot chase in Florida, resisting arrest in Oklahoma and a giant pot bust in Utah.


The First 48

2017.12.07(Thr) 09:00PM

  In Atlanta, someone guns down a caretaker due to a grudge; a young man in Tulsa loses his life when a bully goes too far.


My Crazy Ex

2017.12.02(Sat) 08:05PM

  When a guy breaks up with a girl who's father appears to be 'connected' to the mob, he experiences the terror that comes with crossing the wrong 'Family'.