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The Murder Of Laci Peterson

2018.11.12(Mon) 10:50PM

  With the appearance of Scott Peterson's girlfriend Amber Frey, media attention on the case escalates.


Killing Of Jonbenet: Her Father Speaks

2018.11.11(Sun) 09:00PM

This reveals never-before-seen case details, an interview from 1998 with her older brother, stunning DNA evidence and John Ramsey's response to the recent media coverage on his daughter's death.


Crazy Love

2018.11.10(Sat) 08:05PM

  Kelsey and Ben meet after a shared tragedy and seemingly find safe haven in each other's arms. But the reality of their situation leaves a bloody trail in its path


Partners In Crime (S2) – Cracking The Code

2018.11.07(Wed) 09:00PM

  A forensic DNA expert, Dr Maria Corazon de Ungria helps prove a man's innocence and solves a victim's identity using bones.


Deadly Secrets: Lost Children Of Dozier

Piece by piece, we unravel one of Florida's darkest mysteries and uncover the story of a school with a legacy of slavery, racial discrimination, and child abuse for over 100 years.


Cold Case Files – A Family Secret

2018.11.03(Sat) 08:05PM

  With the help of modern forensic science, new witnesses and criminal psychology, the cops revisit cold cases in order to try to solve them.


The First 48 (S19) – The Invitation

2018.11.01(Thr) 07:10PM

  When a young man is shot to death at a motel party, Tulsa Detective Justin Ritter discovers that a photo posted on Facebook may have triggered a dangerous chain of events.


Undercover Asia

2018.10.31(Wed) 09:55PM

  The film-makers follow Hirotsugu Masuda, the CEO of a specialist lonely death cleaning company, as he and his team go about their job.


The First 48

2018.10.29(Mon) 09:55PM

  In Tulsa, Detective Leatherman tracks a sadistic killer who murdered the brother of a man who stole his truck.


See No Evil

2018.10.28(Sun) 08:05PM

A couple, just engaged, is found killed in a car. No concrete leads emerge until a surveillance camera 90 miles away gives the investigators a breakthrough.


Mail Order Murder

2018.10.26(Fri) 08:30PM

  Gambler Danny Nguyen agrees with local mobsters to secure a woman's entry into Canada by going to China and marrying her but the immigration authorities won't let her in and the mob are soon on to him.


Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence

2018.10.25(Thr) 08:05PM

Cops linked to the Metropolitan Police reveal their experiences as they probed a case in 1993 in London involving a serial killer who called them up and talked tauntingly to them.


CI Asia: Top Terrorist

2018.10.24(Wed) 08:05PM

  Police hunt for the mastermind of the 2009 Jakarta bombing, but are stunned to find the bombing's signature matches that of a long-dead terrorist.


Monster In My Family

2018.10.21(Sun) 09:00PM

Richard Ramirez had butchered 13 people in the 1980s in Los Angeles. His ex-sister-in-law and niece talks to one of the survivors of Richard's deadly rampage.


Mail Order Murder

2018.10.19(Fri) 08:30PM

  After divorcing his first wife, Slavka, Lester Wilson finds a new wife, Natalia from Russia, online but Lester still visits Slavka and their young son who are found dead later.