BBC CBeebies @en

Dog Loves Books:1

Program Highlights 2024.01.31(wed) 04:10PM

  Pug wants to go back in time and our two adventurers visit an inventor who has a time machine. But each time they try to use the machine something goes wrong.


The Numtums:1

Program Highlights 2024.01.30(tue) 05:45PM

  It's the night of Hobart's big show and Humpty Do is determined to win the contest.


Hey Duggee:4

Program Highlights 2024.01.29(mon) 07:00PM

  The Squirrels are getting ready for the same woodland adventure, but their mornings all look slightly different.


JoJo & Gran Gran:3

Program Highlights 2024.01.28(sun) 08:10PM

JoJo and Gran Gran spot a bird's nest in Cynthia's garden, which inspires JoJo to make a nest for Panda. Meanwhile, Daddy helps teach JoJo how to whistle just like a bird.


Ranger Hamza’s Eco Quest:1

Program Highlights 2024.01.27(sat) 04:20PM

Ranger Hamza and the Ramblers discover how woodpeckers play such an important role in the environment.


Nelly and Nora:1

Program Highlights 2024.01.26(fri) 04:05PM

  Nelly and Nora figure out how to walk around without slipping on icy patches.



Program Highlights 2024.01.25(thur) 07:45PM

  When Mum goes out to a baby shower, Dad takes charge of the girls' evening routine. But with Bluey missing Mum, Dad has to pull out all the games he knows to keep them entertained.



Program Highlights 2024.01.24(wed) 06:00PM

  The Teletubbies are flamenco dancing! Tinky Winky, Dispy, Laa-Laa and Po are surprisingly good.


Yakka Dee:4

Program Highlights 2024.01.23(tue) 06:10PM

  Dee encourages a friend to say 'sheep' and we go on a whirlwind word adventure. We see lots of different sheep – a white sheep, a baa-ing sheep, a leaping sheep and a noodle sheep.


Go Jetters:2

Program Highlights 2024.01.22(mon) 07:20PM

  The Go Jetters are visiting the Korowai tribe in the rainforest of Papua in Indonesia. The Korowai take them into the forest where they have built a tree house.


Messy goes to OKIDO:1

Program Highlights 2024.01.21(sun) 07:40PM

  When the Cloudship malfunctions and soars off into OKIDO, it's up to Messy and friends to return it to its natural habitat!



Program Highlights 2024.01.20(sat) 08:00PM

Even though it is bedtime, Monty and Jimmy Jones aren't tired and Monty wonders if the night is really just for sleeping.



Program Highlights 2024.01.19(fri) 04:38PM

  When one Twin Po wants their bedroom to be bright and the other Twin Po likes it dark, Team Tinpo needs to find a way for them to not see the light.


Sarah and Duck:3

Program Highlights 2024.01.18(thur) 03:50PM

  When Umbrella gets left on the bus, Sarah and Duck head to the bus depot in search of their friend.


Messy goes to OKIDO:1

Program Highlights 2024.01.17(wed) 06:25PM

  Messy gets to fly Mayor Oki's plane, but he crash-lands it in a tree! Luckily, robots fly to the rescue.