Ancient Aliens (S14)

HITS Movies today 08:00PM

  In Ancient Aliens, we examine 75 million years of the most credible alien evidence on Earth to bring you some of the strangest stories ever.


A Taste Of Hong Kong(S4):City Escapes

TLC today 10:50PM

  Iconic Hong Kong celebrity Josie Ho leaves the chaos of the city in favour of seeking inspiration from the great outdoors.


Ark of Stone – The Voyage of Sardinia

NatGeo Wild today 07:30PM

  No other body of water on the globe has seen a mixing of climates and ocean currents, eco-systems, peoples, cultures, ideas and genes as intense, continuous and massive as the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean. Over 40 million years ago, Sardinia broke away from Europe’s southern rim, heading towards Africa. Along its eventful…



Animax today 06:00PM

  The Merchant Guild sends Ryoma some help in his new laundry shop, which unexpectedly attracts many customers.



Star China Movies today 09:30PM

  Croc, a young gangster who goes back to work for his former boss at a city councilor’s office after his release from jail. Croc’s latest task is to deal with Ping, a headstrong farmer who adamantly refuses to give up her land for redevelopment. As Croc and Ping develop feelings for each other, Croc…


Analyze This

HITS Movies today 10:15PM

  Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro star as a complacent psychiatrist and his neurotic Mob boss client in the gangster comedy Analyze This.


Pawn Stars (S23)

History Channel 2023.02.06(mon) 08:00PM

  Pawn Stars brings viewers inside the doors of a family-run pawnshop in Las Vegas, where their colorful customers bring in objects ranging from the obscure to the truly historic.


The Bad Skin Clinic(S2):Episode 2

TLC 2023.02.06(mon) 09:55PM

  Maureen comes to see Dr Emma after developing severe red, raised scarring, that covers both buttocks. It's excruciatingly painful – and she can barely sit down.


Shark Attack Files Best Ofs Vacation Nightmares

NatGeo Wild 2023.02.06(mon) 08:30PM

  For beachgoers, what lurks beneath the waves is the stuff of nightmares… and sometimes nightmare become reality. Why are sharks attacking beachgoers so close to shore? What is behind a string of shark attacks on diving cages? This episode explores vacation fun gone horribly wrong, investigating why this is happening to keep vacationers out of…



Animax 2023.02.06(mon) 05:00PM

  Kitaro tells Sunakake-Babaa that he made a bargain with Enma-Daio as compensation for reviving Neko-Musume.


To the Fore

Star China Movies 2023.02.06(mon) 09:30PM

  The domestique forces an opening. The escort and support cover. The sprinter seizes the advantage – strikes To The Fore. A professional cycling team moves with the speed and power of military Special Forces. Race after race, the storied Radiant team, led by the brilliant Korean attacker Zheng Zhi Yuan, has become the virtual enemy of all…



HITS Movies 2023.02.06(mon) 10:15PM

  The world's richest and most lovable drunk risks everything when he falls in love with an irascible waitress in the hilarious comedy starring Dudley Moore and Academy Award-winner Liza Minnelli.


Theodore Roosevelt

History Channel 2023.02.05(sun) 08:00PM

  “Theodore Roosevelt” explores the breadth and depth of one of history’s most interesting men—a cowboy, soldier, adventurer and reformer who suffered profound personal loss and became at age 42 the youngest president of the United States.


Dr. Pimple Popper(S4):Bubble Bubble Ears In ...

TLC 2023.02.05(sun) 09:00PM

  Roger has a considerable growth on his shoulder that he calls his "second head." Jenna is a bubbly teenager with an even bigger bubble behind her ear.


Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom S2 Giant ...

NatGeo Wild 2023.02.05(sun) 08:30PM

  A critically endangered antelope is losing weight fast and needs urgent surgery, a baby rhino takes her first steps out on the savannah to meet her extended family for the very first time, a dig-happy warthog gets the perfect piggy pedicure, and a beloved manatee struggles with a toothache – time to visit the…