Celebrity Iou(S2):Ali Wongs Renovation Surprise ...

TLC 2022.10.08(sat) 09:00PM

Comedian Ali Wong's college friend, Citadelle, is a working mother who opens her home and her heart to everyone.


Extinct Or Alive(S2):Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Animal Planet 2022.10.08(sat) 10:00PM

Forrest is determined to find out if the famously reclusive Ivory Billed Woodpecker still exists.


Expedition Unknown(S2):Yamashita’s Gold

Discovery Channel 2022.10.08(sat) 09:55PM

Josh travels to the Philippines searching for Yamashita's Gold, a treasure that has been hidden since World War II.



Star China Movies 2022.10.08(sat) 09:30PM

Croc, a young gangster who goes back to work for his former boss at a city councilor’s office after his release from jail. Croc’s latest task is to deal with Ping, a headstrong farmer who adamantly refuses to give up her land for redevelopment. As Croc and Ping develop feelings for each other, Croc is…


The Mechanic

HITS Movies 2022.10.08(sat) 08:00PM

An aging hitman befriends a young man who wants to be a professional killer. Eventually it becomes clear that someone has betrayed them.


Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures:1

Program Highlights today 08:00PM

Arriving 150 million years in the past, Andy tracks down the peculiar camptosaurus and plays hide-and-seek with a fierce allosaurus.


Curvy Brides Boutique(S4):The Corrina C Episode

TLC today 08:05PM

Al and Jo face their most challenging appointment to date when Holly flies in from Northern Ireland.


How Do Animals Do That?(S1):Psychic Cats And Fuzzy ...

Animal Planet today 11:00PM

Experts explain how cats detect earthquakes and owls hunt in total darkness. In South Africa, the secrets of cheetahs are revealed.


Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew(S1):A Car Club ...

Discovery Channel today 07:10PM

With car upgrades finished, the Boyz arrive at Boss' social media location to take iconic photos and launch them into the world.


The Last Thieves

Star China Movies today 11:00PM

Young entrepreneur Yin Tzu-hsiang and his partners dream to change the unreasonable structure of the current economy with blockchain. Yin meets Hsu Ching, realising that if he has to change himself first.



HITS Movies today 10:15PM

An urban teenager who moves to a small town dominated by a fundamentalist preacher wages an ambitious war against adult repression.



Program Highlights 2022.10.06(thur) 06:15PM

  Two friends are separated by a short distance but a long drop… can Team Tinpo bring them together?


Extreme Couponing(S3):Krista & Amanda

TLC 2022.10.06(thur) 10:20PM

  Krista dumpster dives for coupons and bags up her husband's clothes to make more room in their closet for her stockpile.


Weird, Wild And Wonderful

Animal Planet 2022.10.06(thur) 07:00PM

  In WEIRD, WILD & WONDERFUL we travel through Africa to explore and explain why the natural world looks the way it does.


Supercar Superbuild(S2):Mini

Discovery Channel 2022.10.06(thur) 09:00PM

  The Mini Cooper is a British icon, born out of an oil crisis in 1956. Originally designed to be fuel efficient with a maximum length of 10ft, it’s an everyman supercar.