Storage Wars: Miami – Fit Lauderdale

History Channel - 2019.05.28(tue) 09:25PM program schedule
In Storage Wars: Miami, the top-rated non-fiction franchise heads to the sexy city of Miami to follow the most colorful storage auction buyers in south Florida as they choose between two very different auctioneers: Bob Nichols and Jerry Mahaffey. Long-time buyer Kevin Pew has the most experience in the game, as well as the quickest wit. Fiery Cuban couple Jorge Gomez and Maydel Garcia are fun-loving treasure hunters. Greg and Lindsey Atz have have a love/hate relationship: they love making money, but they hate working together. And cousins Yorgen Ugalde and Christian Fernandez are always trying to fill up their store, 7 Days Garage Sale (closed on Sundays). From alligators in the Everglades to beautiful people in South Beach, Miami has a little of everything, which means there's sure to be unique treasures hidden behind locker doors!