Perfect Match(1991)

SCM Legend - 2019.05.13(mon) 10:00PM program schedule
The renowned conductor Koo Shu-lam (George Lam) is invited to perform in Hong Kong. While he is enjoying his glamorous moments being overwhelming by the crowd, he also becomes the hunting target of two good-for-nothing kids? Philidonna (Vivian Chow) and Jacky (Jacky Cheung). They try to blackmail him. By chance, Koo has the chance to know Jacky's sister, Carrie (Maggie Cheung). On the other hand, Koo finds out that both kids are spoil, so he tries to teach them right from wrong. While Koo and Carrie is getting closer and better, Koo has to leave. But after all the thing he's been through with Carrie, would he stay behind for her?