Kung Fu Motion Hip Hop Stilts

National Geographic Channel - 2016.02.12(Fri) 11:35AM Schedule

Harry arrives in Sichuan, the western province of China. He wants to learn Bian Lian, the ultra-quick mask changing act that is a signature of Sichuan opera. The master declines as the secret is never taught to outsiders. Disheartened, Harry accepts the offer of learning the Rolling Oil Lamp skit. This is a comic sketch in which the main character balances a burning oil lamp on his head, while making rubbery moves with his body, and crawling under low lying benches. The skit is fun to watch and very difficult to perform. To top it all, Harry will have to learn the Sichuan dialect which is tonally different from Mandarin. Luckily for him, his master, Yao Jian, is an enthusiastic teacher. Riding on top of a successful performance is his hair. The stunt is best performed with a bald head. Should Harry shave?  This is the question that is in the back of his mind as he grapples with breaking bowls. To help him cross train, Harry visits a master of Emei, Sichuan’s unique martial arts form. H