Explorer The Cult of Mary

National Geographic Channel - 2015.12.27(Sun) 09:45AM Schedule
For more than 2000 years she's been revered as the Blessed Virgin, the Queen of Peace, and the Mother of God…but faith is not found in ancient scripture, it's a living experience. To truly understand the Virgin Mary, we must understand the millions of believers who are devoted to her. What we are about to discover is a complex world of spiritual passion, obsession, and corruption. This is a film that will explore the conflict between mystical experience and organized religion, the dangers of believing in false prophets, and the primal human need to connect with a divine mother figure. The episode follows a mother of three with terminal cancer as she makes her first pilgrimage to the miraculous village of Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina; where six schoolchildren claimed to see the Virgin Mary in 1981. Some of these visionaries still see her to this day. A million pilgrims make the journey here every year, yet the Vatican has not given the site its official sanction. No Marian site in t