Exploring Macau With Julian Davison

National Geographic Channel - 2015.12.20(Sun) 08:00PM Schedule
Julian Davison – historian and anthropologist – is on a mission to uncover the true face Macau. Known to many as the "Monte Carlo of the East", Macau is the world's number one in the casino industry. But beneath the allure of the bright lights lies Macau's true charm. 442 years as a permanent European settlement in the Far East has shaped its unique identity as a melting pot of cultures. In celebration of its 10th year anniversary as a UNESCO heritage site, Davison embarks on an immersive journey, meeting the locals who are dedicated to keeping their history and heritage alive; from a conservator who uses everyday household items to strengthen the city's ancient walls to a 99-year-old chef who holds secrets to the rare Macanese cuisine. Davison seeks out the sights and sounds of Macau, exploring the courtyards of Portuguese colonial architecture coupled with a trove of Chinese temples hundreds of years old, revealing a true juxtaposition of east meets west. Davison witnesses a performa