Brain Games S4 Sleep

National Geographic Channel - 2015.12.05(Sat) 12:55PM Schedule
The average adult spends more than 220,000 hours – or roughly 25 years – in bed sleeping. That's one third of your life spent in slumber! But what exactly is sleep? Why do you spend so much of your time doing it? And what happens to your brain and body if you don't get a full night's rest? In what could be our most ambitious Brain Games experiment ever, we keep 3 volunteers awake for 36 hours in order to test the effects of sleep deprivation on human performance. Join them in our special Sleep Lab, and play along as we put them through a battery of physical and mental tests. Will their scores hold up, or will the lack of "Z's" cause them to crash? Who will make it through the sleepless marathon – the young math tutor Taylor, our burly plumber John, or Melissa, an entrepreneur and mother of four? You're going to want to stay up for this special episode… of Brain Games.