Ancient X-Files S2 The Mona Lisa Code

National Geographic Channel - 2015.12.04(Fri) 04:10PM Schedule
Despite the claims of a famous work of fiction, never has a code been discovered in a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. But new high resolution images of the Mona Lisa, taken to record its fading colours, may have revealed more than cracks in the varnish. One man believes he has found hidden numbers and letters. This episode follows the trail of a potential code…could it reveal the true meaning behind this enigmatic painting? Also in this episode, the world's oldest underground temple and discovered with up to 7,000 skeletons. It is called the Hypogeum, which literally translates as 'underground'. A historian with an interest in ancient religion travels to Malta to explore the meaning of the temples unique and bizarre sound vibrations and the truth behind a story of a party of schoolchildren who went missing down there.