Car SOS S3 Alfa Romeo Renaissance

National Geographic Channel - 2015.12.02(Wed) 05:05PM Schedule
In one of their toughest challenges ever Tim and Fuzz are pushed to the limit in their effort to restore what was once a stunning Italian 2 seater. The 1963 Alfa Romeo Guilia Spider has been the pet project of owner Paul for 40 years. He got half way there before a crippling disease robbed him of his dream to finish restoring and drive this beauty. Once in their workshop, the boys discover the car is actually a very strange shape having been in many heavy accidents and Tim takes a huge gamble by stripping the entire car of paint and filler. The resulting workload almost sends Fuzz over the edge but in the nick of time Tim shops his way out of a hole. When it comes time to giving the car back Tim takes a spiritual approach, including donning a dog collar. When Paul sees the car he's owned, worked on and eventually had to give up on, in its stunning new condition, his prayers are answered at last.